Pet Food Questions: #1 Where Do My Pet's Ingredients Come From and Does it Matter?

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by Brian Young on March 7, 2015

This first article will deal with where your pet's food actually comes from.

Where do my pet's ingredients come from and does it matter?

On this, it's only those foods where ALL of the ingredients are sourced in the good ol' USA!

Some ingredients coming from places like Canada or New Zealand (Lamb) are ok, but absolutely NO meats or grains sourced from country's like China. The reason for this is simple: other country's, like China, do not have the same health standards for facilities that process animal ingredients as do the US. Unsanitary factory conditions can result in bacteria like Salmonella being present in our pet's foods.

Often times, though, pet foods will not tell you where the ingredients come from. Some foods may (but not always) only tell you where it is made. For instance, some foods are made here in the USA, but the ingredients can come from a multitude of different countries. If you wonder where your pet's food ingredients come from, ask us and we can find out for you. Or, you can do your research online...usually by going to your pet food's website.

Generally speaking, if a food does not say that it is made in the USA and sourced in the probably is not. Most companies will gladly share the fact that they produce and source their food in the USA.