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  • Eliminating fleas & ticks can seem like a complicated and frustrating endeavor. But don't dismay, it can be done! Eliminating fleas and ticks can be sucessfully accomplished by these few simple steps:1) Apply a topical flea/tick treatment every 4-weeks all year long.Most people only apply... Read on →

  • Reading the ingredients list on your pet's food can be a very complicated and frustrating process.But, there are a few simple tips that will allow you to easily read the ingredient list.1) Ingredients are listed from "most to least." That is, the first ingredient listed is what is most prevalent in... Read on →

  • This first article will deal with where your pet's food actually comes from.Where do my pet's ingredients come from and does it matter?On this, it's only those foods where ALL of the ingredients are sourced in the good ol' USA!Some ingredients coming from places like Canada or New... Read on →

  • Canning for Beginners

    Posted in: DIY
    by Brian Young on July 14, 2015

    Whether you want to preserve the fresh tomatoes you picked this summer into your favorite sauce or want to give your family a healthy alternative to store-bought food all year long, canning is something to consider.If you haven't canned before, it can seem quite intimidating. Here are a few tips and... Read on →

  • Rotational Feeding

    Posted in: Pets
    by Brian Young on December 2, 2022

    Rotational Feeding AND Your Pets!Why you should do it and what kind of an affect it will have... Read on →